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RRS James Clark Ross in the Southern Ocean

Natural variability in the efficiency of air sea gas transfer of carbon dioxide

30 June 2021

A novel method developed by AMT4OceanSatFlux scientists has shown that natural organic chemicals, likely produced by marine biota, can have a...
Net Community Production in the South Atlantic

Net community production drivers identified in the South Atlantic Ocean

28 May 2021

The first 16 year timeseries of net community production in the South Atlantic Ocean has been produced using satellite observations in a recent...
RRS James Clark Ross

Farewell to the RRS James Clark Ross

13 May 2021

Some of the AMT4OceanSatFlux team were on board the recently-retired RRS James Clark Ross for the last time to unload scientific equipment.
AMT26 in South Georgia

Improving accuracy of satellite ocean colour measurements

03 May 2021

A comprehensive assessment of the performance of a range of satellite ocean colour products has been undertaken as part of the AMT4OceanSatFlux...
Eddy covariance equipment on the mast

New techniques to help understand the ocean

15 June 2020

As the initial phase of the AMT4OceanSatFlux project comes to a close, a final report has been produced highlighting some of the key achievements...
Close up of radiometers on board a ship

Instruments rigorously tested at sea to assess accuracy of satellite ocean colour

03 June 2020

AMT4OceanSatFlux researchers have undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of two frequently used ship-mounted radiometer systems that measure ocean...
Ophelie Meuriot standing in front of the RRS discovery in port

Research in the Atlantic Ocean: Six weeks onboard the Discovery

15 March 2020

Ophelie Meuriot, a Research Postgraduate on the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet Doctoral Training Partnership studying...
Whale leaping out of the water

Entering the South Atlantic Tropical Convergence Zone

03 December 2019

An abrupt awakening!! Cloudy skies, rain and then back into a storm. We had officially navigated out of the tropics and into the Southern Ocean...
Scientists working on ship deck

From the doldrums to the South Atlantic deep

14 November 2019

From the 4th to 9th November 2019, we passed over the equator and into the South Atlantic Gyre.
Optics rig being launched off the side of the ship

Quantifying carbon in the dust bowl of the Atlantic Ocean

07 November 2019

After a couple of weeks of storms, the ocean has become like glass with a slow undulating ripple. The ship cuts through the oily slick effortlessly...
CTD deployment

The Azores, in the mixer and the Big Blue

28 October 2019

From the 19 October 2019 we continued to steam South West navigating through waters deeper than 4500m. The journey took us parallel to the Bay of...
Discovery in port

Starter for 10 and the Eye of the Storm

23 October 2019

An International consortium of 25 scientists from 11 different countries joined the Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery in Southampton on 10...
Global map of CO2 flux

Upgraded toolbox for air-sea gas flux analyses

16 August 2019

An upgraded version of the FluxEngine toolbox has been released that allows users to easily perform calculations of air-sea gas fluxes from model...
Bob Brewin and Instrumentation

Up and running - a blog post by Dr Gavin Tilstone

31 October 2018

The Atlantic Meridional Transect Ocean CO2 flux from satellite campaign (AMT28) has been at sea for over 2 weeks now on the Royal Research Ship...
Georgio Dall'olmo watching optics rig being lifted out of the water

Campaign underway to measure carbon dioxide flux in the Atlantic Ocean

15 October 2018

A group of scientists are currently travelling the length of the Atlantic as part of an exciting new project to measure the flux of carbon dioxide ...