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  • D-1: AMT4CO2Flux web portal to be operated and updated for the duration of the contract
  • D-2: High quality graphics and web stories describing AMT4CO2Flux activities
  • D-3: Input on C-Band measurements to AMT4CO2Flux Report and/or paper
  • D-4: AMT4CO2Flux Report and/or paper on FRMs of skin temperature gradients from satellite
  • D-5: AMT4CO2Flux report/paper on global validation of ocean colour products
  • D-6: AMT4CO2Flux report/draft paper on in situ sea surface roughness and gas transfer velocity
  • D-7: AMT4CO2Flux report/paper on CO2 flux products in the Atlantic Ocean
  • D-8: AMT4CO2Flux report/paper on ocean acidification products in the basin wide Atlantic
  • D-9: AMT4CO2Flux Scientific Roadmap
  • D-10: AMT4CO2Flux Final Report
  • D-11: AMT4CO2Flux Technical Data Package